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If you print for example images with your iOS device via AirPrint®, your pictures will be scaled to the full size/width of the paper. With Resize for Print you can now take control of the printed size of images, multi-page PDFs, Apple Notes and text files.


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How To

By running the shortcut for the first time, you will have to answer two import questions. One about your paper size (US Letter or DIN A4) and one about the region your device uses to determine the spelling of numbers (1,234.56 or 1.234,56). That’s it.

Watch the outdated video demonstration at Vimeo.

Shortcut: Tap the shortcut and select one or multiple images from Photos or files from iCloud Drive.

Share Sheet: Select one or multiple images from Photos or files (images, PDFs, text) from iCloud Drive and open the shortcut via Share Sheet.

Next you select your favorite size: 100% (Full Paper Width), 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%

The images will be resized and a PDF file will be created. In the last step, you can print it with your AirPrint® supported printer.

Important: Don’t select too many hi-res images. This could crash the Shortcuts app.


No third party Updater Shortcut required.

Resize for Print has an integrated update mechanism called Embed-a-Update. Thanks to the embedded updater, Resize for Print does not require any external updater shortcut. The shortcut checks for updates itself, so you'll always be up to date and never miss an update.

This Shortcut supports Embed-a-Update


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