A little Shortcut that acts like Safari


You can search Google, use your clipboard, or save websites for quick access!

Recommended use

for Apple Watch web browsing (untested), and as a last resort web browser on iPhone and iPad.


Contact me in the comments if you have any questions


Things you should know

External Shortcut

If you are going to change settings within the shortcut you will need to install another shortcut. If you go to Saved Sites>Settings>Toggle Settings, it will ask you to install the shortcut. This shortcut does not need any permissions except for file access. I’m not sure if I will decide to update it at all, but if I do, I will provide a new link within the shortcut and possibly also make a github page for the announcements.

Tread Lightly on Watch

Now, I know it says that the recommended use for this shortcut is for Apple Watch web browsing, but I do not own a Watch or have friends who would be willing to sacrifice theirs for experimenting. If you want to use this shortcut with your Apple Watch, PLEASE let me know how it’s working out for you so we can improve the experience for others.


install bitupdate

install bitupdate lite

A simpler version of Search


Graphics made with MediaKit

Latest Release Notes

1.10.1 - Oct. 15, 2023, 2:18 p.m.

- Added a Quit button for iOS 17 users
- Added Pro Blogs as a default site
- Still haven’t fixed the Saved Sites bug, that will be coming in 1.11

Version history