PairDrop Text, Urls, Photos or Files directly From the Share-Menu


PairDrop is a sublime alternative to AirDrop that works on all platforms. It uses peer to peer connection in the same local network/wifi or with paired devices to send images, documents or text. As it is web based, it runs on all devices including Android, Linux and Windows.

You want to quickly send a file from your iPhone to your Windows Laptop?

You want to share photos in original quality with friends that use Android?

You want to share private files peer to peer between Linux systems?

AirDrop is unreliable again?

Send it with PairDrop!

The Shortcut

This shortcut is perfect for sharing images and files from any destination directly via PairDrop.

Upon Installation you can change the domain if you are using another PairDrop instance or host your own

How to use:

Receive an item using PairDrop

Send an item using PairDrop

  • Open the item, then tap the Share button, Share, the More options button, or another button that displays the app’s sharing options.
  • Tap PairDrop in the row of share options
  • Wait for the browser tab to open and tap the device name of a PairDrop user

Sharing text or URL

PairDrop opens and a message with the shared text or URL is sent as soon as the peer is tapped on.

Sharing files or images

PairDrop opens with a special Dialog shown. Simply tap the big button, paste content and wait for it to process. Afterwards the files / images / folders are sent as soon as the peer is tapped on.

Sharing folders

Folders are zipped before the are send to the peer.

Add to favorites

Add this shortcut to favorites so it appears at the top in the share-menu:

  1. open the share-menu from an image

  2. go to the bottom of the share menu and tap on 'Edit actions...'

  3. find this shortcut and click the green plus next to it

  4. Tap 'done'

Guide with screenshots:

Save received images

Save received images directly to Photos from the share menu with this shortcut: Save To Photos

Latest Release Notes

1.4.1 - May 16, 2023, 5:44 p.m.

Fix URLs are sometimes truncated

Version history