Advanced Actions 7.4

Many functions easily accessible.


Hello there!

Advanced Actions 8 should be coming early 2024! See you ‘round!


Advanced Actions does what it’s called: more advanced actions (and simpler ones) that can be accessed quicker than regular iOS apps.


Advanced Actions has many features, and they are all in groups. There is fun, for quick access to Siri games, editing, which has actions for editing and/or edits things, and utilities where the cool tools and other stuff is.

New features are constantly being added, so if something is missing that you want added, do not hesitate to say so in the comments, as any ideas are appreciated and helpful. If you need help, say so in the comments as well, as the help form was removed from of lack of use. To find new features/changes: go to Notifications → What’s new (in the shortcut), or scroll down to the changelog section (on this page)


Advanced Actions 7.4 (latest) AA 7.4

Welcome screen made with ScreenKit (Advanced Actions 7.0 or later)

Upload and Markdown with MediaKit.

Mock-ups with Apple Frames (go to the MacStories Shortcuts Vault and find “Apple Frames”)

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Latest Release Notes

7.4 - Nov. 16, 2023, 9:13 a.m.

+copyright protection
🐞changelog fixed

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