V2 ChatGPT siri Personality Aissistant (siri~mate) Hey Shakspeare (William Shakespeare)

A chatGPT powered siri personal Aissistant. This is Hey Shakespeare (William Shakespeare)


Version 2 MAJOR UPDATE THANKS TO Björn Hilbert who completely re wrote the shortcut adding a splash screen to add your API key and your name as well as he added contextual conversation. V1 gave miss ques, dropped prompts, now every chat seems smooth. A valid API key from openAI is needed. a single response use (not contextual) on average 200 tokens. 1000 tokens cost 2c This shortcut was originally adapted from @MateMarschalko shortcut for home automation. When I saw how it worked I knew it could re imagined into Siri~mate . I edited ,deleted and changed it's purpose from a home automation shortcut to a fun addition to siri. THIS DOES NOT REPLACE SIRI FOR ON DEVICE PROMPS AND REMINDERS. IT CANT OPEN APPS. After downloading install your API key when prompted, as well as your username or how you want to be addressed by your personality aissistant.

The text box that contains the instructions for chatgpt to who the personality is can be edited but be careful when editing one word, or the order will get notable changes in reply's. I found less is better. Each one took awhile testing personality directions and tweaking it to get a constant flow. Not to say you wont get gibberish, wrong answers, you will. it's not perfect. Check out all the personalities!

It's really fun , the responses are not canned Asking general trivia questions or going into the detail of the personalities character chatGPT delivers the response in the style and cadence of the personality. ChatGPT is amazing!, this is what personal assistants should be. download them all, you’ll never be happier with multiple personalities. Easily pull up a new aissistant by just asking ! Please leave some feedback! or personalities you would like to see and we can see if it works. Not all ideas work, the personality has to be those larger than life animated personalities that have catch phrases or a way of speaking that is what defines them.

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2.0.2 - Jan. 29, 2023, 12:41 a.m.

added natural reply question for personality

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