No Caller ID

This utility shortcut temporarily hides the users caller ID.


No Caller ID is a utility shortcut that temporarily hides the users caller ID from the call recipient when a call is initiated using this shortcut.

Disclaimer: Be advised this shortcut does not guarantee complete anonymity as call recipients may have caller ID unmasking tools or software. Your caller ID may also still be visible to service providers and government agencies. This shortcut dials * 67 before completing the call to mask the caller ID. If your service provider or region uses a different code to mask caller ID you may have to replace the * 67 code with that.

Supports UpdateKit 2.0 or higher

Developed by MockTie, techsock, ctnutmegger

Modified by Collins Vakayil

Latest Release Notes

4.4 - Oct. 12, 2018, 11:55 p.m.

Added description on update tab before shortcut proceeds to check for updates.

Version history