Create, manage and share elegant aid-mémoires, diaries/journals, memories, reminders and more.


Some prerequisites:
Before creating your first reminder or memorandum, this shortcut requires the following:
- The Reminders app by Apple,
- A Reminders list called "Memorandum",
- A Photos album called "Memorandum".

Memorandum - A shortcut to create, manage and share elegant aid-mémoires, diaries/journals, memories, reminders and more. (This shortcut was formally named ‘PowR’.)

What does Memorandum do?
This shortcut allows you to manage all your reminders. It also allows you to create 4 different kinds of reminder:
1. Standard reminders; A text only reminder.
2. Run reminders; Set a reminder to "run" an app, home scene, shortcut or webpage.
3. Duration reminders; Create a reminder one day, view it another to calculate the time between.
4. Memorandums; These are reminders that contain media. They don't just have to be reminders, they could be anything you need reminding of! For example: aid-mémoires, diaries/journals, a memory/memories, reminders or even webpages! More examples of use will be provided soon, once templates have been released!

Why such a weird name?
Search the definition of memorandum, and you'll see why. A memorandum isn't just a reminder, it's anything you could need to remember!

How does creating a memorandum work?
1. Select a creation mode. I’d recommend “Quick create memorandum” (unless you really like to change how things look or like a thorough process).
2. Give it a title.
3. Select what content you want to add. Content is added from the top downwards. To add content in a different order, simply select the content you wish to add from lower down the list first time, then add others next time around.
4. Add the content you want – media (audio, images, videos) that aren’t from online are saved to the Memorandum photo album for retrieval later. Text is saved in the reminder itself.
5. Set a time/location notification for your memorandum.
6. Preview what the memorandum looks like, if you wish.
7. When you receive the reminder notification, tap the link to see your memorandum in action – including the media!

You can also View and Remove reminders and memorandums at any time just by tapping on the Shortcut and selecting the relevant option from the menu.

What does a memorandum look like?: An example of what a memorandum looks like.

What do reminders viewed with Memorandum look like?: An example of what a reminder viewed with Memorandum looks like.

Some prerequisites:
Before creating your first reminder or memorandum, this shortcut requires the following:
- The Reminders app by Apple,
- A Reminders list called "Memorandum",
- A Photos album called "Memorandum".

The more media (audio, image, video) content you include in your memorandum, the slower the memorandum will load when you come to view it.

Especially with videos over a minute in length.

Memorandum isn't really a 'QUICK' shortcut to manage your reminders! Although Memorandum is responsive, the process of creating a memorandum is very thorough. You can 'Quick create reminder', which will allow you to quickly create a standard text only reminder. Memorandum also allows you to view any reminders you have. If Memorandum is too thorough for your needs and a quick reminders manager shortcut was what you were after instead, tap here to search RoutineHub.

Not all content listed can be added right now. This is not a bug, it just hasn't yet all been included in the shortcut.

Next to each content item in the list will be an emoji (until all items are added at least!) These emojis mean:

✅ = Content that can be added to your memorandum.

⭐️ = *New Content Available* that can be added to your memorandum.

No emoji = Not currently available. Keep checking for updates - one day it will be available!

Content icons may only load when online. The rest of the memorandum should load fine when offline, though.

Content icons are created using Font Awesome Icons, Version 5.7.2.

If you choose either the "Custom create memorandum" or "Complete create memorandum" options, you can select any content icon available you wish. With the "Quick create memorandum" option or a template, a relevant default icon is selected for you instead.

The list of custom content icons that can be added while creating your reminders is available at:

Only the 'Free' Font Awesome Icons can be added.

See the website above for more information regarding the license for use of Font Awesome Icons.

Although much testing has been carried out while making this shortcut, bugs may exist.

If you spot a bug, do get in touch. I'll list you in the Acknowledgements of the shortcut, if you wish!

This Shortcut is offered 'as is'. Use it at your own risk. I can't be held liable for any losses. etc.

Sorry for the lack of Commenting throughout this shortcut, it just makes the shortcut look too messy! Check out the "Magic Variables", they make it pretty self explanatory but if you do want an explanation of anything, get in touch.

Although Memorandum is currently version 0.8.1 – it’s not in Beta! Just not all content has been added, so it’s not yet version 1.0.

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates
Run the Check For Updates shortcut at any time to check for updates to this and other shortcuts.

Until Memorandum reaches Version 1.0, I'd recommend checking for updates at least once every couple of weeks.

Thanks to @pfg.

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates

Thanks to @hmh for hosting this shortcut here on RoutineHub.

Thanks to @heyitzspencer for allowing use of the Colour Picker from the ChromaKey shortcut.

Huge thanks to @entee, for without the shortcuts 'Menu Builder', 'Quick Icon Maker' and 'OutputKit', this shortcut would be visually atrocious!

Made with OutputKit

Graphics created with MediaKit, by @ROP Graphics created with MediaKit

If you are featuring this shortcut somewhere, thanks! Please only link to Memorandum's RoutineHub page: ""
And never claim this, or anyone else's shortcut as your own!

Latest Release Notes

0.8.1 - March 19, 2019, 11:33 p.m.

Content can now be added in whatever order you choose! You can still add more than one of each, or other types of content each time too.
Memorandum Titles no longer appear at the top of new memorandums by default. You can still add them though by using the new 'Headers' content item. Headers can be added anywhere you wish, too.
You can now change the memorandum background colour if you choose the "Custom create memorandum" option, in addition to the "Complete create memorandum" option as prior.
Temporarily removed the feature where if only one of a content is added the title automatically goes from "Content Title 1" to "Content Title". It will return in a future update. You can always choose to "Custom create memorandum" and change the title that way in the interim, if you wish.
Labelled menus so that you can now see which content you are selecting items for.
A notification now appears when a using the 'created location' or 'viewed location' content, so as to reassure you that the shortcut hasn't just given up.
Memorandum's and reminders no longer contain the OutputKit card at the end. Huge thanks to the author, @entee (u/enteeMcr), for OutputKit and indeed requesting this.
New content available that can be added to your memorandum!
- Headers
- Bar Codes / QR Codes

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