Shortcut Backerupper (backup)

Backup or restore backed up shortcuts


IOS17 will change the last modified time/date stamp when you run a shortcut for said shortcut. This means “Shortcut Backerupper” will backup itself and any other shortcut you may have run. Even if you haven’t edited them. This must be a bug in IOS17.

This shortcut has the following features:

  • Backup Shortcuts
  • Restore Backed up Shortcuts
  • Built in Updater
  • Headless Mode

Backup Shortcuts

This function will backup all of your shortcuts if the shortcut modified date/time differs from the previous backup.

Backups are stored in folders (iCloud Drive/Shortcuts/Shortcut Backerupper/shortcut name/.shortcut)

Backups are sorted and stored using the current date/time followed by the shortcut name.

Example: 03.25.23 04/05 - example.shortcut

Restore Shortcuts

This function will let you restore any shortcuts you have backed up using the shortcut.

Shortcuts are sorted into a vCard menu with details of how many backups are found etc…

Backup files are sorted by oldest to newest and colour coded based on month of the year. This makes it easier to spot the months if you have a lot of backups for a shortcut.


This will check randomly when run in normal mode (1 in 3 chance) and if a newer version is found you will see the changes and the download button with the version.

Headless mode

If you run the shortcut with an input it will skip the menu system and update check. This is handy if you want to run it every day at a certain time and not have to deal with menus.

Example automation:

  • Number function - input as 1
  • Run shortcut function - select Shortcut Backerupper as first input - second input as number function


Am Scottish, and yes it does say Weclome 😂 if you know you know.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - July 9, 2023, 12:23 a.m.

1. Minor update to the notifications look.

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