Yandex Reverse Image Search (works with all images of any dimensions)

It can search on Yandex for saved images in your devices as well as online images from websites


INTRODUCTION (no need to read, you can quickly jump to the “GUIDE” part below):

Someone said to me that Yandex Image Search is better than Google Image Search so I have tried to use Yandex instead of Google recently. There is a shortcut named “Yandex Reverse Image Search” which was made by DoctorVadarWho on RoutineHub. But the problem is when I searched for the offline images which are saved on my iPhone, the shortcut cannot search for an image that has its width or its height (or both dimensions) that is large than 600. In short, the shortcut can only search for offline images of small size (small resolution). Possibly it is because the high-resolution image cannot be uploaded on Imgur so the shortcut got an error at the “Upload on Imgur” action and then failed to run. I edited the shortcut by adding the actions to resize any image that has its width or height or both that is large than 500 to 500 while keeping the original width-height ratio of the image (for example, resize a 2500x1000 image to 1250x500). So now the shortcut works well with all images as I have tested so many times.

*Credit: DoctorVadarWho (who made the original Yandex shortcut)


To search on Yandex for the image that you have saved to your iPhone/iPad, choose the share button and choose this shortcut "Yandex Reverse Image Search".

When browsing websites on Safari, to search for an image on a website, you touch & hold that image until the options show up, choose "share", and then choose this shortcut.

Please leave a comment if you meet any problems using the shortcut, I will try my best to answer your question.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - March 31, 2023, 7:50 a.m.

The first version