Save to Files (alternative)

The alternative option to save a file to the Files app when the native “Save to Files”doesn’t appear


There are countless times that the native “Save to Files” shortcut doesn’t appear in the share sheet when it is needed. I think you have met such situations many times before. For example, my colleague had sent me an important PDF file via the Messenger app but when I opened it, I could not save the PDF file to the Files app because the native shortcut “Save to Files” in iOS just didn’t appear. Then I created this simple shortcut to help myself in such situations. Now I want to share it with you.

With this shortcut:

  • You can save an image from a website/URL to the Files app (instead of the Photos app). This function is enough to replace my old shortcut “Save Image to Files” (link of my old shortcut: )

  • You can save various files (such as images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files) from the internet or on your device to the Files app.

NOTE: By default, the files will be downloaded into the folder “Downloads” (in “On my iPhone”) inside the Files app.

New version 1.5: Now you can choose between two options: quickly save to the default directory (folder “Downloads” in “On my iPhone”), or save to any different directory that you want. Also, I changed the icon for the shortcut.

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1.8 - May 3, 2023, 2:11 p.m.

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