Total duration of multiple songs

It helps you to know the total duration of multiple audio files.



Since the Files app on iOS as well as most media players doesn’t show you the total duration of multiple selected songs, I made this shortcut to help iOS users to solve such a shortcoming. The shortcut will show you how many audio files are selected, the duration of each audio file, and the total duration of these audio files (in the format “hours : minutes: seconds” ).


  1. Select multiple audio files.

  2. Choose “share”

  3. Choose this shortcut “Total duration of multiple songs” in the share sheet.

Background information (no need to read): Some iOS users and Shortcuts community members asked for help in viewing the total duration of multiple audio files, similar to what can be done on Android or Windows. They were advised to download a specific music app (whose name I don't remember) and manually import the audio files into the app. Then they had to add the songs (audio files) into the same playlist, and the app would display the duration of the playlist as the total duration of these audio files. As you can see, it took a significant amount of time and effort to achieve such a small task. My shortcut makes this process much easier. I'm somewhat proud to be the first one to solve this problem for iOS users.

Latest Release Notes

1.11 - April 27, 2023, 4:05 p.m.

1.11. Add comment to the shortcut.

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