Find out how they really got that verified checkmark



With all of the recent terrible changes at Twitter, it’s getting hard to tell who is or isn’t actually notable. Elon Musk recently muddied the waters even more by removing the descriptive text that explained why someone was verified, replacing it instead with a generic message explaining that they might be notable or they might have paid for the checkmark.

Checkmate allows you to see through this nonsense and find out exactly how someone got verified.


The shortcut can explain all of the following scenarios:

  • User was not notable and paid for a checkmark
  • User is notable but paid for Twitter Blue anyway
  • User is notable and did not pay for Twitter Blue
  • User is not verified at all


Share Sheet

  • In the Twitter app or on the Twitter website, use the share button on any tweet or user
  • Select the “Checkmate” option in the iOS share sheet (in the Twitter app you may have to select “Share via…” from the app’s custom share sheet first)
  • The shortcut will explain how the person is verified

You can also share a tweet or Twitter profile URL from any other source, such as third-party apps (if any are still working) or long-pressing an applicable Twitter URL.

You can see the share sheet in use through Safari in the video on this post.

On Mac you may need to select "Shortcuts" from the Safari share menu and then select the Checkmate shortcut, then select the URL from the list that appears.

Shortcuts App

To use the shortcut from the Shortcuts app directly, tap on the tile in the list. You will be prompted to enter a username. This may include the @ if you want, but it is not required.


Be aware that Twitter is being run by a giant man-baby and he could decide to change how Twitter’s internal APIs work at any time to prevent this from working. I’ll try to work around it if he does that, if possible.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.1 - April 23, 2023, 4:14 a.m.

This update adds messaging to the shortcut explaining that it cannot currently work due to changes at Twitter. The update checker is still intact, so if things change and it becomes possible to differentiate paid checkmarks from the ones Elon is forcing on people for free, I’ll update the shortcut to handle them.

Version history