Lig(ht-D)ark Walls

Toggle between wallpapers for light and dark mode


I made this for myself a year or 2 ago, to toggle between wallpapers when light and dark mode was used. It’s included with Widgy now the best widget app on the AppStore 😁

Anyways the shortcut has the following features:

  • Choose 2 wallpapers for light and dark (Or 1 image for both)
  • Lock Screen and Home Screen get there own wallpapers.
  • Overlay images on top of said wallpapers (Shadows for icons, docks etc…)
  • Use random images from your device as wallpapers.
  • Updater
  • Help section showing how to do everything.
  • It uses sunrise/sunset to know when to toggle light/dark mode. This is updated every 7 days. (You can setup an automation anytime before or after sunrise/sunset)

It went through a redesign a while back to make it more user friendly as it was included in Widgy. So if you look in the Help & Info section you will be showing how to do everything.


Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Nov. 23, 2023, 7:54 a.m.

Updated the update check to use JavaScript.
(Less functions to do the same job)

Version history