Active Energy

Report Active Energy (calories) for today, yesterday, and the week


This shortcut reports Active Energy (active calories) for today, yesterday, and your average for the week.

It can be run from your watch as well if you configure it as a Siri shortcut.

This shortcut can be run stand-alone or from another shortcut as RoutineKit or My RoutineKit which will pull information from various other shortcuts like this together.

This shortcut also incorporates the UpdateKit shortcut so you can receive a notification to download a new version when I make updates to this shortcut.

Keywords: health, active energy, walking, running, calories, RoutineKit.

Supports: RoutineKit, UpdateKit.

Compatibility: iPhone, Apple Watch.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Feb. 6, 2019, 4:38 p.m.

Made the code a little more efficient by getting all needed data in a single retrieval of AE health samples.

Version history