GitHub & iCloud Shortcuts Backup

Readable versioned backups of your shortcuts with Working Copy. Plus dated backup folders in iCloud.


Git is great for development, but the .pref files are binary and not readable on GitHub, so this shortcut converts them to a readable .xml file format before committing them so that you can see and read the changes more readily.

With Private Repositories being free now on GItHub I think this is a great way to keep your shortcuts safe.


  • Converts shortcut code to .xml format so they are readable on github
  • Seperately, Creates dated backup folders in iCloud to be able to restore a shortcut easily from a pervious day without going through Git.
  • Asks for a Commit message and automatically commits via Working Copy


  • Working Copy app
  • Working copy callback URL Key from the Working Copy app (per device)
  • Github optional, but free. Set the integration up in Working Copy.


I am actually pretty new to both Git and Working Copy. So, this is just a start.

Ideas for further enhancement: - Add option to pull in previous version from the git repository automatically (converting it back to .plist and restoring it in the Shortcuts app) - Add a seperate commit messages per shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

0.2 - Jan. 8, 2019, 3:06 a.m.

Fixed the UpdateKit integration to run every time, rather than my custom way.

Past versions