Screenshot full ChatGPT conversations


ScreenshotGPT allows you to screenshot full ChatGPT conversations on Safari as iOS’ “Full Page” screenshots don’t work with ChatGPT. All processing is done on device and nothing is sent off-device.

To screenshot just open share sheet from Safari when on a ChatGPT chat and select “ScreenshotGPT”. After a few seconds of processing, a new share sheet opens up with the screenshot (.png file) which can be shared or saved to the camera roll.

Notes: Upto 100 messages are supported. If you need more, you can increase count in the repeat loop by editing the shortcut. However, for very large conversations approaching 100 long messages, processing may take up to a minute (or more on older devices) or your device may run out of memory and throw an error before processing can complete. If you recieve an error, your device may have ran our of memory (or update needed, look below), restart your device to clear memory before re-generating the screenshot. For very large files, it is recommended to “Save Image” instead of sharing via messages or another service as very large images may fail to share. For VERY large images if iOS doesn’s display the image, you can click on Edit on top right of image to view the image.

It is possible that if ChatGPT has an update, it may break this shortcut. Look to see if an update is available here. May support UpdateKit in the future.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.0 - April 17, 2023, 12:27 a.m.

initial release