Capture/Save Receipt

Keep track of your purchase receipts for work and/or personal purposes.


The Capture/Save Receipt shortcut allows you to save a receipt, either as file imported via Share Sheet or as a photo taken with your camera.

Work receipts can go to your iCloud Drive > Work > Receipts folder (or create that folder if it's missing).

Personal receipts can go to your Receipts album in your Photos app (or create that folder if it's missing).

The shortcut will also allow you to configure for only work use (iCloud Drive) or personal use (Photos app), or even allow you to prompt for each one each time the shortcut is ran.

Latest Release Notes

2.1 - April 22, 2023, 6:44 p.m.

Version 2.1 adds comments to indicate the purpose of the text fields within, which control the desired save method when the shortcut is ran. Also, the Current Date (yyyyMMd) is now applied to the beginning of the receipt file name when work (iCloud Drive) method is used to save. Lastly, a new prompt will surface in the work method (iCloud Drive) allowing the user to enter the name of the merchant. The filename will then include the merchant name appended, resulting in each receipt in the folder following this format: yyyyMMdd-MerchantName.

Version history