Note to Notion

Allow you to take notes in a hovering window and then save them to your Notion database.


This shortcut enables you to take notes in a hovering window while browsing web pages, videos, lectures, or podcasts. By eliminating the need to shift back and forth between pages, this feature allows you to focus on the current context. Once you've taken notes, they can be saved directly to your designated Notion database.


  1. Follow the Notion official guide to create an integration.
  2. Paste your Notion API key and the database ID into the initial setup stage of the shortcut.
  3. Remember to ensure that the properties match the properties of the database.

If you want to add additional content, you can refer to the Notion documentation. Additionally, I highly recommend using the Dictionary Action Builder to map the JSON object into a dictionary, which can save you a lot of effort.

Latest Release Notes

0.02 - May 1, 2023, 8:58 a.m.

Add initial setup prompts.

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