Battery Charge Logs

Battery Charge Logs automatically logs the start and end times, percentage gained & elasped time.


Battery Charge Logs is an iOS shortcut that allows you to track the charging activity of your iPhone. With this shortcut, you can log the charge time when your iPhone is connected to AC power and when it is disconnected, as well as the total percentage gained and the total charge time. All of this data is saved in a note folder for easy access and analysis.

This shortcut is useful for anyone who wants to keep track of their charging habits and optimize their battery life. By monitoring the total percentage gained and charge time, you can identify patterns in your charging behavior and make adjustments to prolong your battery life.

What it simply does is:

  1. Elapsed time tracking to show the duration of each charge.
  2. Previous charge streak feature to show the number of times the iPhone was charged in a row during the last charge.

Additionally if you are looking for an aesthetic look then you can also try this version as well. For this, download a Bear app.

Bear Note App Version


To use the Battery Charge Logs shortcut, simply create a personal automation and select a When charger "is connected" and "is disconnected" both and add an action "run shortcut" to run the shortcut and also make sure to toggle off "ask before running". The shortcut will automatically log the start and end times, as well as the percentage gained and total charge time. The data is then saved in a note folder that you can access at any time to view your charging history.

Overall, the Battery Charge Logs shortcut is a useful tool for anyone who wants to monitor their iPhone's charging activity and optimize their battery life. It is easy to use and provides valuable insights into your charging behavior, allowing you to make informed decisions about how and when to charge your device.


I wanted to share an update to my post with an updated link where I shared my first shortcuts automation that logs the time when an iPhone is connected and disconnected and shows the total charge gained during that time in a Note app.

Make sure to select both “is connected”and “is disconnected “ option in personal automation.

I hope these new features will be useful for you. As always, any feedback or suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Note app:

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Bear app:

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Latest Release Notes

2.0.1 - Sept. 19, 2023, 2:46 a.m.

Incorrect Charge Gained fixed.

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