EzOptions Modified

A little shortcut i modified (real creator in shortcut)



Hello! I hope you enjoy my shortcut! I put in a lot of work in this shortcut! This shortcut is a useful tool to use for everyday life! I even use this a lot! I hope you find all the uses you desire in this shortcut!


-Booting Sound
-Icon Organizer
-Detects for Watch


-Dark/Light Mode
-Share Current Network (QR)
-Scan QR Code (Camera)
-Change Image File Type
-Identify Song from Sound
-Cool Calculator
-Base64 Encode/Decode
-Dark/Light Screen
-Turn Night Shift On/Off
-2x Charging
-Turn Low Power On/Off
-Shut Down/Restart
-Translate Text
-Translate Spoken Text
-Speak Translated Text
-Funny Faces
-Wheel of Randomness
-Get Text Art
-Change Font
-Start Remote Control (Watch)
-Lock Screen

(Other is just Channelog)


All the credits go to Braylon on Shortcuts Gallery and cool font in the shortcut by ʀᴇᴇᴢʏ also on Shortcuts Gallery

Latest Release Notes

1.6.2b - June 2, 2023, 10:44 a.m.

-Added Wi-Fi Check for Updater

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