Audio Note Creator With Transcription

Record and transcribe a voice memo within Apple Notes using OpenAI Whisper API - note includes audio


Records a voice memo and uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech (OpenAI Whisper) technology to transcribe this to text and create a note in Apple "Notes" app. Note includes the audio file, transcription, and location (new!). This instantly makes your audio recording searchable in the same app your other notes live. Great for: - Audio journaling - Quick mental notes when unable to type - memos - saving a location along with your audio description of it. - transcribing any audio OR video you already have (shortcut is accessible via share icon)

If you use another app to record voice-memos, simply share any existing audio file (m4a or mp3) to the app to transcribe it and create an audio note.

Shortcut is offline-ready! If you record an audio note when offline, the audio file is saved and queued for later processing since transcription requires internet. Next time the shortcut is run and connected to internet, the user is prompted to process these pending files.

The Whisper API will work well in many languages automatically, but only one language per audio note. Requires OpenAI API key (bring-your-own-key). Get yours here:

Cost at time of writing (via API): $0.006/minute

Notes: - shortcut will stop if screen locks.. extend screen timeout for longer recordings

Latest Release Notes

1.2.1 - July 10, 2023, 3:22 p.m.

Added support for video transcription! You can now share a video to the shortcut. It will extract the audio, transcribe it using whisper api, and then give the use the option to attach either:
1. the original file (video) or...
2. the extracted audio only

re-submitting version to use working icloud link...

Version history