Boost volume levels and apply EQ presets for audio and video files


This shortcut does 2 things for audio and video files:

  • Apply audio equalizer presets
  • Boost audio volume if needed

The a-Shell mini app is required because it provides FFmpeg.


  1. Install a-Shell mini
  2. Run this shortcut
  3. Select a file to equalize

The shortcut will prompt for an equalizer preset.


  • Over a dozen presets
  • 10-band equalizer
  • Automatically boosts volume to optimum levels
  • Apply optional filters (see below)

AudioCuts Promo 13


  • Acoustic
  • Bass Booster
  • Cinematic
  • Classical
  • Deep
  • Electronic
  • Flat
  • Hip Hop
  • Latin
  • Mid Booster
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Treble Booster
  • Vocals
  • Custom


  • The “Deep” preset is a favorite.
  • Try the “Classical” preset along with the “Extra Stereo” filter.
  • Easily edit existing presets in JSON format.
  • There are about 11 prompts for permissions.


Apply one or more optional filter effects to clean up speech or enhance stereo and more.

Filter Descriptions

  • Equalizer: Choose from a dozen EQ presets. [firequalizer]
  • Dynamic Normalize: Even out the file’s volume with dynamic normalization. [dynaudnorm]
  • Loud Normalize: Even out the file’s loudness with loudness normalization. [loudnorm]
  • Stereo Widen: Insert a delay to make stereo sound wider. [stereowiden]
  • Extra Stereo: Increase the stereo effect. [extrastereo]
  • Speech Isolation: Isolate speech in challenging or noisy environments. [lowpass] [highpass] [compand]
  • Speech Normalize: Even out the speech volume with speech normalization. [speechnorm]
  • Noise Reduction: Mildly reduce noise in audio. [afftdn]
  • Lower Pitch: Lower the audio’s pitch without changing the tempo. [asetrate] [aresample] [atempo]
  • Raise Pitch: Raise the audio’s pitch without changing the tempo. [asetrate] [aresample] [atempo]
  • Chorus: Apply a mild chorus effect [chorus]
  • Reverb: Apply a mild reverb effect [aecho]

Latest Release Notes

2.2.2 - July 29, 2023, 5:56 a.m.

- Fixed: Bug with saving to files on iOS 16.

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