ChatGPT diary

Turns a voice memo into a written diary entry with thoughtful ChatGPT analysis and feedback


This iOS shortcut serves as a personal assistant for understanding and interpreting your daily thoughts and experiences recorded in the form of voice memos. It combines several technologies including OpenAI's Whisper and ChatGPT, to convert your voice memos into text, analyse the content, and provide insightful feedback.

Here's a breakdown of what the shortcut does:

  1. Converts a voice memo into text using Whisper, an Automatic Speech Recognition system from OpenAI.
  2. Provides a contextual understanding of the transcribed text using ChatGPT, with the help of your personal context stored in the Reminders app under 'About Me' and recent experiences under 'Diary-Recent Summary'.
  3. Extracts important themes and insights from your diary entries using AI and provides feedback or advice based on those themes.
  4. Appends each diary entry along with its analysis to a note titled 'diary' in the Notes app for future reference.
  5. Generates five keywords summarizing the main themes and emotions of each diary entry and stores them in a separate note titled 'diary keywords'.
  6. Updates the 'Diary-Recent Summary' note with context from the latest diary entry to maintain an updated rolling context.

The usefulness of this shortcut comes from its ability to provide a deeper understanding of your thoughts and experiences by analysing your voice memos. The feedback it generates can help you gain a fresh perspective, and the summarizing keywords allow you to track patterns or changes over time. It's like having a personal psychologist and business strategist who can understand your context and provide tailored insights. This shortcut can be particularly useful for those who wish to reflect on their thoughts and feelings regularly but need help to process and analyse the information effectively.

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0.1 - June 23, 2023, 6:27 a.m.

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