Check ReviewMeta Rating

Don’t fall for 5-star junk anymore. Screen out fake Amazon reviews with ReviewMeta!


ReviewMeta is a website that analyzes Amazon product reviews and uses machine learning to filter out likely fake reviews and calculate an adjusted product score. ReviewMeta has an app that comes with a Share Sheet, but it’s been broken for quite a while. I found a couple shortcuts that claimed to work at one point but they were all outdated and weren’t able to push an Amazon link to the RM search field—so I made my own and, with Fakespot Analyzer’s recent decline, decided to share this alternative with others who may also appreciate getting a second opinion before making important purchases.

How to use

You can run this shortcut from the Share Sheet in the Amazon app or in Safari on iOS.

  1. From any Amazon shopping item page, tap the share icon. From Amazon app: The share icon is in the upper right hand corner of the product images. From Safari: The share icon is at the bottom of the phone screen, the right of the forward page arrow (>).
  2. Scroll to find and then tap Check ReviewMeta Rating.
  3. If asked whether to allow the shortcut to run, tap Always Allow.
  4. When taken to the ReviewMeta page, you will be shown a brief message and will need to agree to the site’s terms in order to see the product rating.

Disclaimers and Limitations:

  • This shortcut and its creator are in no way affiliated with ReviewMeta, Fakespot, or Amazon.
  • ReviewMeta does not have reports for every item. In some cases, you may encounter a listing that does not have a rating or is outdated and offers the option of refreshing the report.
  • If a product has never been analyzed (i.e., no one has looked it up on ReviewMeta), you may see a progress bar and message that says the analysis is in progress.
  • I will try to keep this shortcut up to date in response to any URI scheme changes from Amazon or API changes from ReviewMeta for as long as both allow my pseudo-integration.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - July 20, 2023, 1:53 a.m.

Published first version.