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Requires version 1.2.2 or later for full functionality

Welcome to my new chat app! I spent like 5 days trying to figure out the endpoints before I released the first beta. I hope you all enjoy my spaghetti code both in the shortcut and the source code!

A Siri Shortcut built by @ashbit, @dante_nl, and @INA_Coding

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First Run

When you first install the shortcut, you will be asked to log in with an existing account or create a new one.

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If you chose Log in, just type in your username and password and you’re good.

If you chose Sign up, enter a username that has no special characters and is no longer than 14 characters. Same thing for the password, but it can be any length. Eventually I will add support for SIWU.

The Main Menu

After you have logged in and the necessary files have been created, you will see a menu that looks like this:

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Reading Messages

If you selected this option, you will be met with the channel selector. This has all the channels created since Beta 4.1 or something, plus private channels that you have to join with a code.

create the screenshots i sent in the comments

Sending Messages

If you selected this option, you will be met with a similar channel selector as the one mentioned above. After you select a channel, enter you message and hit done.

create the screenshots i sent in the comments

If you scroll all the way down in the channel selector, you will see another option: New channel.

Creating Channels

After you have selected New channel in the channel selector, you will have to enter three things:

  • Channel name
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Icon (optional)
  • Privacy (optional)

The icons you have to choose from are the shortcuts you already have. Just pick one and go! If you chose to make your channel private, it will give you the join code for your newly created channel.

i can’t get the screenshots for this one

Once you are sent back to the main menu, you can choose to send or view the messages to get the channel selector to see your new channel!

Joining Channels

If you received a join code, you can go to Settings>Join channel and enter the code. If you entered it correctly, it will show up with a padlock emoji (🔒) at the beginning of the name. You can now chat in and view the channel as a normal channel.

One thing I have yet to add to this is the ability to leave private channels. If you really need to leave one, contact me or @INA_Coding and we will get to it as soon as possible.

Direct Messages (DMs)

DMs are a way for you to message just one user. Select “Direct messages” on the main menu and you will see the DMs menu.


When you select either option, you will see the user selector. Pick a user (there’s a lot), and you will either view the conversation with them or send a message to continue the conversation.

user list

Eventually I will make it so it only shows users you select to minimize scrolling.

Questions? Comments?

I will accept any help and tips I can get, so feel free to contact me in chatbit or via email or the comments.

I maybe — just maybe will accept your collaboration offers. Don’t be afraid to reach out!


install bitupdate

also get routinechat


Many thanks to @dante_nl for helping me with 1.1, and to @INA_Coding for helping me with some secrets!

Last updated: 11/23/23 10:37 AM

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Announcement BOOSTED - Nov. 26, 2023, 9:56 p.m.

The Glitch project has been boosted! This means way faster startup times! Thank you so much to @ProCreations for providing Glitch Pro for this project!

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