USD & PLN Currency Exchanger

Online/Offline PLN & USD Currency Exchanger



The first online/offline *99.8% accuracy **Złoty & US Dollar Currency Exchanger on RoutineHub!

Part of The INA Coding Currency Exchanger Series


When downloading you will need to run the program with internet to download data for offline mode. (Make sure you run the program from start to finish for setup)


Menu when online (Left) Menu when offline

Entering amount to be exchanged

Home Screen Icon

Want to download the USD & PLN Currency Exchanger Home Screen Icon? Download Here

Preview:(P.S. You can find the Home Screen Icon link in the program)


*When updated on internet within 6 hours of being ran
**Official Currency of Poland

Latest Release Notes

1.6.4 - Aug. 29, 2023, 1:46 a.m.

Update Details
- Backed files condensed
- Bug-fixes

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