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Social Media, but for Shortcuts


SnipIt is a revolutionary Social Media platform designed exclusively for Siri Shortcuts. With Snips, you can easily share and discover quick summaries of content. Compatible with iPhone (iOS 17), iPad, and Mac, thanks to the collaboration with @dante_nl. Don't wait, sign up now and start Snipping to experience a whole new way of sharing on social media!

Please note that SnipIt is currently in beta, and its usage comes with potential risks. Exercise caution and use the platform at your own discretion. Your feedback and suggestions during this testing phase are valuable to improve the service.

SnipIt for iOS 12 Download (why did I waste time making this)

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Latest Release Notes

0.5 - Sept. 28, 2023, 1:47 p.m.

-Lightning Updater Support!
-SnipIt for Watch is now available!

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