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Reddit Undelete

Last updated: 2019-01-27


Redirects a chosen Subreddit / Post / Comment / Reddit URL to either or, which use a combination of Reddit's API and's API to retrieve deleted posts/comments and reconstruct them to show them in their original timeline for the Subreddit or Comment thread.

  • If Undeleted from a subreddit, uses
  • If Undeleted from a post/comment, uses

I personally find these two services to be the best respective choices.


  • Use the Reddit app of choice and find the 'Share' function, choose 'Shortcuts', 'Reddit Undelete' shortcut.
  • Alternatively, copy a URL to your clipboard and activate through the 'Shortcuts' app.


  • This Shortcut is set to open in Safari. If you prefer Google Chrome, remove the 'Open URLs' action and replace it with the 'Open URLs in Chrome' action.
  • This Shortcut was tested using the official Reddit app and the Apollo Reddit app, but should work for all Reddit apps via their 'Share' function.
  • If a Post or Comment shows '[removed]' or '[removed too quickly to be archived]', it was likely caught by an AutoModerator filter before it could be archived by, and is uncontrollable.
  • If a Post or Comment shows '[deleted]', it was likely deleted by the original author and re-archived by, and is uncontrollable.
  • If a Post or Comment has been edited, some results will be the original, unedited version, and some will be the edited version. This depends entirely on if has re-archived the Post or Comment, and is uncontrollable.


  • Sometimes a URL for a Subreddit will be falsely identified as a Post or Comment.

If you improve on this Shortcut, please drop me a PM on Reddit. I am always ready to improve myself. Thanks!

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Jan. 27, 2019, 7:48 a.m.

Squashed a bug where a trailing '/' on a short link would cause the shortcut to fail.

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