Simple Text Editor

A very simple text editor for iOS. Edit .txt .csv .json .html and more


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It has two modes:
- Share sheet mode: This mode opens the file for editing and then prompts the user to enter a file name and choose a folder to save it in. If the file name and file path are the same, the existing file will be overwritten; otherwise, a new file will be created.
- Run from Shortcuts: In this mode, the file is opened for editing and any changes made are automatically saved to the selected file.

I would like to have the same logic for those two modes or to swap between the two modes, but I didn't find how to retrieve the full file path from the share sheet mode. If anyone knows, please share your wisdom 😊

Supports most of text files
- .txt
- .json
- .csv
- more

Latest Release Notes

0.90 - Sept. 6, 2023, 5:04 a.m.

- open file from share sheet
- open file from Shortcut