Apex Updater

My Take On A Great Updater


Apex Updater - My Take On Great Updater - By @Techixty

At Launch Apex Updater Supports Write Wise But I Will Expand This To All my Shortcuts In The Coming Days

Why Use Apex Updater?

  • It is Fast and Simple.
  • It can remove all letters from a version.
  • Less Error Messages.
  • Easy Integration

How To Update Apex Updater

To Update Apex Just Run The Shortcut With No Input

How Can I Use Apex For My Shortcuts, Glad You Asked

You need two actions in your shortcut for it to run Apex. First, add a dictionary with three values: Name, Version, ID. For the Name, just input the name of the shortcut. For Version, input the version. Don't worry; you can even have letters; Apex will remove them. This will be used to compare the latest version to the current one to see if you need an update. Lastly, add the RoutineHub ID to the ID value. This will be used to check for the latest version, and now add 'Run Shortcut' 'Apex Updater,' but make sure to add our new dictionary as the input. Now you're all set.

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Sept. 7, 2023, 7:55 p.m.

Major Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version history