Convert Semantic Number to Decimals

Converts Semantic Versioning to a Decimal Number for Comparison Check


How it Works:

If you use the factor 1/1000 then the multi-decimal number 1.2.3 is converted to the decimal number 0.001002003. The multi-decimal number 123.456.789 is converted to 0.123456789. The components of the multi-decimal number must be less than 1000. For the multi-decimal number 12.3456.78, it cannot use 1/1000 because 3456 > 999. It would be converted to 0.015456078 i.e. the parts intersect. If all parts are less than 10 then one may and can use the factor 1/10 instead of 1/1000.

You can use this conversion if you want to know a multi-decimal number is greater than, less than or equal to another multi-decimal number.

» Semantic Versioning Example:
↳ Version 1.2.3**

1 → Major Update
2 → Feature Update
3 → Fix/Bug Updates

Aka 1.2.3 = Major.Minor.Patch Releases

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