Use as Wallpaper

Set any image (auto size and crop) as a wallpaper.


Since IOS17 was released it seems if your wallpaper doesn’t match your screen dimensions exactly it adds this new blur effect to hide any black bars.

Well a few folks asked me if I could help as it was doing there head in and since I do this in any shortcut that I create that applies a wallpaper I made it standalone.

So if you don’t want blurred parts in your wallpapers this is the shortcut for you.


Like apples implementation, just select the image you want as your wallpaper & select Use as Wallpaper. You will be asked if it’s for both screens or just the home or Lock Screen.

Not much else to it 😂


This will check randomly (1 in 3 chance) and if a newer version is found you will see the changes and the download button with the version.

It uses your Wi-Fi name to enable the check, as using the old IP method doesn’t work anymore. So will only attempt a check when connected to Wi-Fi.

Anyways I may add to this in the future, but right now it does what it needs to do.


Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Nov. 23, 2023, 8:05 a.m.

Updated the update check to use JavaScript.
(Less functions to do the same job)

Version history