Dictionary Viewer

Click through the keys of dictionaries from files and even web APIs


This shortcut breaks down big dictionaries into menus which you can then easily navigate through each key. Dictionaries can be imported from a file, the clipboard or even loaded from an API. This lets you query APIs easily.

Key features:

  • Quickly browse the results of APIs using the built-in mechanism to grab data from URLs. In fact if the value of any dictionary is a URL you can open it within the shortcut.
  • Works any form of dictionary (JSON, plist, and form data) and data types that Shortcuts can support.
  • General purpose parsing system allows the shortcut to correctly parse tricky keys (like those with . or keys that are numbers), as well as nested lists and dictionaries.
  • Easy navigation with the ability to go back up one level from anywhere or jump to wherever you specify.
  • Use the shortcut to build other shortcuts. Accepts dictionaries (including as a string) and URLs as input. Inputting a URL will make the shortcut fetch the data located by the URL.

Known issues

  1. Because of how Shortcuts handles lists lists with one object are treated as the object itself. This means when entering a path to the object you must omit the index of the object in list.
  2. The shortcut can take a long time to run if your dictionary contains many keys on one level.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave a comment here or email me. I greatly appreciate any feedback.

Latest Release Notes

1 - Oct. 1, 2023, 6:12 p.m.

Initial publish