Expense Recorder Pro (LEGACY iOS 12)

The Most advanced & feature rich Expense shortcut out there



⚠️ Don’t run this installer from shortcuts home screen. If you are, Press Cancel button & Open the Shortcut (like you are editing it) and run it with play button at top. Installation

ℹ️ Replace all existing workflows if you are updating

Beta of Next version of my existing Expense Recorder Workflow that uses CSV & Text files to store data. This one uses dictionary to store data & has ability to edit the data. More features will be added soon

  • Made with Over 1100 Actions
  • Compatible with Attendance Pro ( integration still pending)
  • Supports batch entry. If you select two or more payees select category on first prompt to set same category for all payees at once. Or you can select skip and choose different catergory for individual payees
  • Cool looking payee names list shows info of last transaction done with that payee that day, with category icon
  • User Customisable Categories
  • Custom user definable Icon library for Categories
  • Notification after every entry showing how much money spent that day
  • View Expenses as interactive cool looking table in web page with sort & search functionality
  • Option (toggle) to export the viewed data as CSV
  • Change brightness right from app without using control centre for outdoor conditions
  • Data is stored as JSON
  • Unlike other expense manager can edit transactions in this
  • Update check after every exit with UpdateKit, works only if you press exit button so no interference

*Notes & Future plans:

  • MoneyWiz is optional & it just sends CSV to that app so not really mandatory & can be used with any app
  • Existing functionality of adding reminders to reminders, things3 app & adding entry in calendar will be added in future

Made by u/rajasekarcmr | Instagram: @rajaspidey

SORRY previous versions had problem with package creator that made this shortcut non usable, in v0.2.3 used the older version of package creator and it works now

Latest Release Notes

0.2.4 - May 25, 2019, 5:41 a.m.

Same version. But fixed the installer and added info about how to do install properly.

Version history