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ODT Betas

This is the official beta version of Omega’s Dev Tools by Omegabird113

Please note:

Beta versions of ODT are undocumented, you’ll have to go based off of the regular version’s documentation, the change logs, and the code in order to use it. YOU MAY ONLY USE BETA VERSIONS OF ODT IN TEST SHORTCUTS & BETA VERSIONS OF SHORTCUTS.


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Latest Release Notes

1.4.0-beta1 - Nov. 26, 2023, 12:04 p.m.

1. Removed the requirement of the actions app
2. Now, when you update shortcuts, it uses the RH download url instead of the iCloud link so it will increase the shortcut’s download count
3. Added an option to override whether beta updates are enabled.
4. Added a swear word filter function
5. Added support for Very Smol Updater by Francesco to the updater override option.
6. Updated the icons for the selector for the clear cache option.
7. Added a cancel button to the selector for the clear cache option.
8. Added a encrypt text & decrypt text functions that use the Omega Crypto API
NOTE: v1.4.0 will be a huge update with many more things to come. I will also be releasing an ODT example beta to go with it very soon…

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