Playlist Cover Art Generator

Generate cover art for your playlists. From 2x2 to 7x7 grids. Now with flexible text overlays!


This shortcut will generate covert art for your playlists. It will generate a grid of album art with an optional text overlay. Depending on how you configure it and how many albums are in the playlist it can generate up to an 7x7 grid (49 images).

You can configure the shortcut to not prompt you for a text overlay, to use a specific grid size, and specify how you want to sort the album art.

This shortcut also incorporates the UpdateKit shortcut so you can receive a notification to download a new version when I make updates to this shortcut.

Special thanks to Reddit user u/Syntask who came up with the idea and wrote this original shortcut. His code was excellent, but I wanted to add user-configurable options. Posted to RoutineHub with his permission.

Keywords: music, albums, art, grid, playlists.

Supports: UpdateKit.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad.

Latest Release Notes

1.5 - Oct. 22, 2019, 2:31 p.m.

Added back configuration option to specify grid size. For some odd reason the upgrade to iOS 13 removed that option.

Version history