The Expenses Tracker

An eccentric Expense Tracking Shortcut that aspired to become an App


Main Features

  • Add a Quick transaction by just entering an amount & selecting a category (adopts current date/time)
  • Add Detailed transaction (custom date/time + attach a receipt option)
  • Categories: Create and assign categories to your transactions.
  • Add a note to a transaction (Optional)
  • Extremely fast Search Engine for finding and viewing transactions data in a given period of time.
  • Attach a receipt from Photos Library, Files or take an instant photo. You may attach it while adding a new transaction or at a later time.
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete receipts
  • Delete transactions.
  • Export data to Numbers app, locally or to third party.
  • Conditional menus
  • Advanced Search Engine: Find transactions made in a given time period for a specified category.
  • Rich Statistical Analysis
  • Backup & Restore from iCloud
  • Export Backup to third party.
  • Create, export & share beautiful charts (Optional, a paid version of Charty app is required without any further configuration needed)
  • Auto refreshable widget charts for month expenses tracking, as the current month goes by (Optional with Charty app)
  • Automatic Wallet Transactions^1 : Automatically save transactions made by Wallet Payment cards.
  • Family Sharing^2 : Transactions made by other users/devices will update the same database real time and transactions history + statistics will be automatically available to all family members/ coworkers etc.

^1 Just assign [the Expenses Tracker Shortcut to a ”When I tap any Wallet passes/Credit cards” automation trigger.

If so, when such a transaction is taking place, a prompt for a Category will be instantly presented to the user. The transaction amount will be automatically saved to database including transaction details. Credit card transactions are marked with the symbol.

^2 No special configuration needed. Just share the Expenses Tracker folder located into the iCloud folder (in Files app) and install the Shortcut to the remote devices afterwards.

Notice: This is a 1,300+ actions & stand alone Shortcut. No configuration needed. No dependencies. Just run it!

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Oct. 23, 2023, 2:16 p.m.

• Recurring Transactions menu is live.
• Chart enhancements.
• Wallet transactions automation will only prompt for a category assignment.
• minor adjustments

Version history