Selfie, Orientation Lock, Silent, Flashlight and 💩 v1.04

4 most useful commands with the Action Button


Hi, after 1 month of using my iPhone 15 Pro Max I finally found my perfect shortcut for the Action Button:

Depending on the phone orientation it makes useful commands like:

  1. Landscape Right: Turn Orientation Lock OFF

  2. Landscape Left: Turn Orientation Lock OFF

  3. Portrait: Open Camera with Portrait Selfie + Turn Orientation Lock ON

  4. FaceUp: Toggle Silent On/OFF + Turn Orientation Lock ON

  5. FaceDown: Easter Egg NSFW (phone needs to be unmuted)

  6. PortraitUpsideDown: Toogle Flashlight ON/OFF + Turn Orientation Lock ON

What do you think?

The Actions app is needed.

BR hagnnn

Latest Release Notes

1.04 - Oct. 28, 2023, 7:07 p.m.

Added VIBRATION before COMMAND to know if Action Button was pressed.

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