Meeting prep with Obsidian and Things 3

Adds a meeting prep to your daily note and reminds you of this at time of meeting.


This shortcut lives in your menu bar. Or you trigger it another way.

  1. It provides you with an overview of your meetings in the next 30 days.
  2. Asks you to choose from this list of upcoming and recently finished meetings
  3. It creates a meeting note to your daily note which includes the attendees formatted as follows : [[Firstname Lastname]]. Because my work sometimes formats these as Lastname, Firstname and in obsidian I have all the people as [[Firstname Lastname]] it reformats them if it’s in the wrong style. The notes are the notes from the calendar event. Excluding the whole part about meeting info if it is a Teams Link.
  4. The meeting note also includes a link to a things 3 task in the project “📅 Meetings”. That task contains a link to the obsidian daily note where you prepped for the meeting. The start date for the task is three days prior to the deadline. So you can prep for the task 20 days ahead but it wont show in your Things 3 Today view until three days prior to the actual event so as to not clog your today view. If three days before the event is on a Saturday it sets it to Friday and if it’s a Sunday it sets it to a Monday. Wednesdays I don’t want to work on meeting prep so it changes that to a Tuesday.
  5. Then it creates it in Obsidian and shows you the daily note immediately so you can get to work.
  6. When your meeting starts you get a reminder of the note.


  • the shortcut assumes you have your daily notes in the following folder structure. : Vault/ROOT DAILY NOTE FOLDER/yyy/MM-MMMM/

  • it assumes your weekday starts on a Monday

  • it assumes you have a project in things called “📅 Meetings”

Latest Release Notes

1.00 - Oct. 22, 2023, 5:04 p.m.

First version