YouTube ReVanced

A shortcut for background YouTube playback, akin to Android's YouTube Vanced.


INTRODUCTION (no need to read, you can jump to the "GUIDE TO INSTALL" below):

The new "YouTube ReVanced" shortcut is an alternative version of my old shortcut "YouTube Vanced" which was released 1 year ago. The new shortcut retains the feature of playing YouTube audio in the background. I created this shortcut a week ago but hesitated to share it since it is just the same as the old one. However, with the recent iOS 17.1 update, browsers can now play YouTube videos in up to 4K resolution, a significant improvement from the previous 720p HD limit. Given this enhancement, I decided to introduce this new shortcut. Both shortcuts (new and old) now support background audio with Full HD/4K video playback.


Step 1: Install the Video Lite app from the App Store:

Step 2: run this shortcut, you will see the Youtube website be opened. Then log in to your YouTube/Google account.

Step 3: add this shortcut to your home screen. Done.

After that, you can just touch the purple YouTube icon named “ReVanced” on your screen to watch videos normally or listen to audio in the background by turning off the screen or swiping up to exit the app.


The new shortcut “ReVanced” has better UI, but the old "Youtube Vanced" shortcut can do the same functions and even allows you to copy the text of YouTube comments (one letter, one word, one sentence, or the entire comment) just like you can do on a desktop website. Copying text is something this new shortcut and the original YouTube app cannot do. So if you want, check out the old shortcut here:

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Oct. 28, 2023, 7:47 p.m.

Initial Release