Search Kagi Assistant with Siri

Ask Siri a question that gets answered by Kagi's AI Assistant


Search Kagi Assistant with Siri

Siri, I have a question . . .

This shortcut allows you to ask Siri a question that gets answered by one of Kagi's AI Assistant models (default is set to FastGPT).

Just say "Siri I have a question" then ask the question and wait for the response.

It accepts three optional inputs during setup:

  1. Bang: Select which Kagi Assistant mode to use. The shortcut defaults to FastGPT via "!fast"
  2. Session Token: Optional Kagi Private Session Token so the shortcut can work even if you are not actively logged into Kagi.
  3. API Key: Since the Apple Watch cannot access websites that require log-in, the API Key optionally allows for results on the Apple Watch using the FastGPT API, but requires a separate API Key and credits in order to do so. Without the API key, the shortcut returns an error when run on WatchOS. The Watch response relies only on FastGPT (i.e. !fast) and thus ignores any changes to the "Bang" variable.

To work, this shortcut requires you to be logged into your Kagi account or to have entered a Private Session Token during Shortcut setup. To work on Apple Watch, the shortcut requires an API Key and sufficient credits, otherwise the shortcut simply returns a "results unavailable" error when run from Apple Watch.

Latest Release Notes

1.2.2 - Nov. 5, 2023, 5:57 p.m.

Minor fixes.

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