ShortcutIV 1500/2500 League PvP Search Strings for PoGo

Find your best PvP mons.


This shortcut searches your chosen Pokémon GO Pokémon for CP and HP matches to the top 1-100 cp-1500 and cp-2500 League IVs.

ShortcutIV searches first for your starting Pokémon stats, then for your final Pokémon stats, and finally copies a search string for your Top PvP choices' CPs&HPs directly to your clipboard.

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Special thanks for many recent improvements goes to /u/DeathByToast.

The original Top 100 data came from this spreadsheet, though my algorithms have slightly longer trailing digits, so the top 100 come in slightly differently:

Big thanks to /u/jostler57 for his encouragement and /u/T_time_20 for his original Top 100 and the math behind it.

Latest Release Notes

3.14 - July 10, 2019, 6:03 p.m.

Version 3.14: Mewtwo (Armored) added.

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