Many Cool Features!


Many Cool Features!
Name Have Been Changed from All In One Control Centre to iUtilities on Nov 1! Discord Server

Made by a 12 Years Old Kid in Hong Kong!
About 2-5 updates every day (excluding Saturday and Sunday)
Feedback, comments, kind words or whatever you can DM at:

1. Reddit: ChrisChan218
2. Discord: ChrisChan218#6952
3. Comment area below.

I am just a 12 years old kid, so please give me some advice.
Special thanks to @D3W10 for helping me for Swing Updater and @Kindredcashew98 for LightningUpdate (Not Supported Unfortunately) and supporting me to make this markdown. Remember to download them, so it can check for updates by itself!
We now only test the shortcut at iOS/iPadOS 13 on iPhone 11 Pro, X, XR, 7 Plus and 6s, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad 7th generation. For iOS 12, would users please feedback us if there are bugs or if it’s laggy.
List of features:
-Yes I’m current fixing this. Full list will be out soon.
-System Settings:
a) Set Airplane Mode
b) Set Mobile Data
c) Set Wi-Fi
d) Set Low Power Mode
e) Set Brightness, Volume, Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth
f) Battery Modes
g) Ultra Low Power Saving Mode
h) About This iPhone/iPad
-Smart Helper (Beta Version)
a) Call
b) Send WhatsApp
c) Send iMessage
a) Useful Websites
b) Weather
c) Contacts
d) Calculator
e) Timer
f) Camera
g) Record Voice
h) Translate
i) Torch
j) Pronounciation
k) Internet
a) Online Games
b) Make a Sentence by Siri (Actually by me)
c) 2048 (Offline, Beta)
d) Number Guessing
e) Emoji Name Guessing
f) Find the iPhone Game
-More Functions:
a)Get Details of Shortcut Apps
b) Find My iPhone
c) Water Eject @Josh0678
d) Random Number


This shortcut supports Swing Updater!

iUtilities is

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