Fortnite Helper

Lots of Fortnite tools at the press of a few buttons!


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Do you get bored and not know where to drop?

Maybe you just can't decide where to drop?

Tilted isn't good for you?

Challenges can be tough to, if only there was a Shortcut to pick a place on the map for me, give me Youtube Walkthroughs, and Cheat Sheets for those challenges.

Oh wait, that exists now with the Fortnite Helper!

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You have the option for it to pick a Name Location, Unnamed Location, or a mix of both lists to land at.

Cheat Sheets for all Challenge Weeks when they come out!

Youtube Challenge Walkthroughs for those hard challenges found for you, no more 10 minute clickbait content!

Look at the Shop without having to search it up or open the app! (Credit to

Load up your stats in a text document in seconds! Even works if your username has spaces! (Credit to

Request Suggestions for stuff you want!

Look at the Leaked Items that haven't come out yet!

More Content coming in the future!

So what are you waiting for, install this Shortcut to make Fortnite more easier!*

*by easier we mean getting your challenges done quickly and finding new favorite landing spots

Latest Release Notes

8.3 - May 5, 2019, 2:36 a.m.

Hey just an update about my dissappearance.

I just got burnt out on Fortnite and didn't feel like updating this anymore.

Will probably update this for Season 9 if I feel like it.

See you!

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