Siri Insults

Ever wanted to swear at Siri and have her swear back at you? Then this is your shortcut!


This shortcut will have Siri swear at you! It has lists of various rude verbs, adjectives, and names that Siri will choose at random and yell insults at you!

It works great when you assign a Siri shortcut phrase to it. For example Hey Siri, "Screw You!" (Or worse). Then she says something nasty back.

I have kept the shortcut PG-rated by default, but you can add your own dirty verbs, adjectives, and names to it by configuring them in the shortcut.

As delivered there are over 1,000 unique insults included.

Note that the dirtiest phrases that are pre-delivered are screw you, bite me, you are an ass, things like that to keep it PG-13.

This shortcut incorporates the UpdateKit shortcut so you can receive a notification to download a new version when I make updates to this shortcut.

Keywords: Siri, insults, words, dirty, swearing, Not Suitable for Work (NSFW), PG-13.

Supports: UpdateKit.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Feb. 4, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

Added to add tons more insults! These are PG-13, so they don't increase the vulgarity.

Version history