Preferences and database for Snapshot Journal


This shortcut is required to run Snapshot Journal.


  • Install the Snapshot Journal shortcut from this page

  • Install the SJ-Preferences shortcut

  • Choose a data module shortcut from the list below - this is the data that will be gathered (or install several - I recommend trying one or two first of all to get to grips with how it works)

  • Choose an output module shortcut from the list below - this is where the data will be output (you can install several and output to multiple locations simultaneously but it isn’t recommended)

  • Once you have installed the shortcuts, run SJ-Preferences

  • Select Choose Active Modules to select which of installed module shortcuts you wish to activate

  • You can now run Snapshot Journal

  • Download more data modules or build your own. Please tag them #SnapshotJournal on here and post them on the subreddit.


Latest Release Notes

1'03 - Jan. 28, 2019, 7:01 a.m.

Fix for bug which caused an infinite loop between apps

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