Safari Download Manager

A download manager for Safari


We've achieved 600 downloads! Thank you very much everyone!

This shortcut won't be updated to iOS 13, as iOS 13 has a built-in download manager. It works okay in iOS 13 beta 4 tho.

A download manager for Safari. That is it. I think that the name is self-explanatory.

It adds what Safari should have since always

Compatible with UpdateKit, run the shortcut directly from the shortcuts app, click in "settings" and click in "update"

How to download files to it: Safari Download Manager Tutorial Graphics made with MediaKit.

How to see your downloads: Option 1: Run the shortcut directly from Shortcuts app and click in "my downloads" Option 2: After downloading a file, click in "see my downloads" and after in "my downloads"

Your downloads are stored in iCloud Drive, in /shortcuts/SafariDownloadManager

Latest Release Notes

3.6 - April 23, 2019, 5:24 p.m.

Describes more clearly what LNPusasge does

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