[Bear Diary] Thought

Adds a thought to your Bear Diary


Bear Diary Shortcuts

This shortcut is part of a longer list of shortcuts that help you maintain a diary in Bear.

Shortcuts in this series

  1. Core Shortcut
  2. Urgent & Important
  3. Thought (this one)
  4. Question
  5. Meeting
  6. Menu Shortcut (coming soon)

You need the Core Shortcut in order to successfully execute this shortcut.

You'll need an iCloud account with space in it to save the reference to the latest note and the date it refers to. For more details on this refer to the end of the Core Shortcut's description.


This shortcut prompts you for a thought and writes it in your diary while adding a Diary/Thought tag.

Your note will look like this

Diary 2019/01/27


Practice makes perfect



Latest Release Notes

1.00 - Jan. 27, 2019, 2:14 p.m.

First public version