Log the nutrients of different meal types straight to your Health App.


Introducing a faster way to log foods directly into your Apple Health! This shortcut removes the need for the middle man while keeping the same level of functionality as a standard food logging app.

You can now log foods directly into your Apple Health through different methods. You can create your own food using the Manual Logging option, Search for foods on the MyFitnessPal database (free of charge and no sign in required), and also by scanning their barcode. Furthermore, you can create Presets for foods that you are constantly eating. These presets can also be logged into your Apple Health.

In addition to this, you have the ability to view the food log history spanning different periods. You can also see a graphical analysis of your logged nutrients and calories with Charty!

This shortcut is made up of several sub-shortcuts all working together to provide a fast and modular experience which helps in ease of use as well as ease of development. I apologize in advance for the shear amount of shortcuts required to make it function completely.

Finally, the shortcut also supports UpdateKit which keeps all sub-shortcuts involved in the shortcut up to date in an organized manner.

The shortcut provided in this post is used to download all the necessary sub-shortcuts required for the food logging to function properly. It has been designed with instructions in order for the user to understand how to properly set up and configure the shortcut. Once done, simply run the Nutrition shortcut and begin logging as you please.

Latest Release Notes

3.6 - Sept. 30, 2020, 8:21 a.m.

This update mainly focuses on speed improvements and optimization for iOS 14 as well as fixing a logging issue in the system.

Version history