Counter Teams, Player and Unit Stats, Event Calendar, News Feed, Calculators and many more.


Counter Teams available now! Content from wiki.swgoh.help and the Discord CounterBot!


  • Check Character Stats
  • Check out other Players by Ally Code
  • Full Automatic Event Calendar
  • Check your Player Profile
  • Mods 2.0 Increasements
  • Arena Rank Checker
  • SWGoH News Feed
  • Different Calculators (Refunds, HSR Damage, Tracker and more)
  • SWGoHWTF Acronym Dictionary
  • More Stuff in Progress


This is a shortcut-tool containing many useful applications for the game. It's nothing really new or special and of course the app will be constantly improved and provided with new content in the future. However, I would be happy if one or the other would download the Tool and give his opinion on it. That would greatly help me improve it as quickly as possible. Feel free to make new proposals and comment on what you like or not and what should be improved.

Receive your Character Stats from swgoh.help API now!

Includes Starlevel, Gearlevel, Galactic Power and Zetas!

Also new: Arena Checker. See if you've been attacked since your last check (swgoh.gg Profile must be updated).

View status values of all your characters on iPhone! Simply select character from the menu, tap and instantly and up to date your data will be from the SWGOH.HELP API retrieved.

If there are bugs or characters that dont work, please tell me so I can fix it.


Thx 4 downloading and have fun :) You‘re welcome to leave feedback and make suggestions for more content.

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2.06 - June 24, 2019, 9:10 a.m.

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